Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Concerning Harry

This blog is largely concerned with Harry, and from its pages a reader may discover much of his character and a little of his history. Further information will also be found in the selection from the GREEN book of Frogwater that has never seen the light of day.
Various stories have appeared in earlier web incarnations, composed by Harry himself and his best friend Lord MattressHammer, at one time the most famous Ninjas for Peace in the world at large. Matt's story of the Shire is called by him "There and never going back again". Since then there have been journeys into the past: adventures which involved all of Harry's friends in the great events of that decade starting 1997.
Many, however, may wish to know more about this remarkable person from the outset, while some may not have read the earlier work. For such readers a few notes on the more important points are here collected from Harry-lore, and previous adventures are briefly recalled.

There are Baggins who have hairy feet.
There are Flaggins with hairy backs.
And Saggins who we don’t like to talk about.

In early 1999 Matt very, very nearly pushed Harry off the very top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Harry maintains that this is hilarious.
Since then Harry shot Matt in the leg with an arrow: even-ing the score somewhat. Everyone agrees that this was, and remains, hilarious.
In late 2006 Harry accidently became a scrotum model. Hilarious.
This means he has three sure-fire hit dinnerparty anecdotes.
Thus armed Harry has now embarked on a Grand Adventure of Travel.

Harry is thirty years old, which he thinks is an appropriate age to stop referring to himself in the third person. Or even the second, dickhead.

PS Merry Christmas


harry said...

I agree with Harry!

harry said...

You ARE Harry!

harry said...

Oh? I thought I was Batman?

Fyodor said...

About fucking time you got this going. Whizzo et cetera.


I shit you not. Your fucking door bitch just called me a poojabber. I can tell we're going to get on infamously.

harry said...
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Fyodor said...


OK, fair cop. I did call you Nic White after all. Everyone has their limit.


Blimey O'Grady. Now she's gone positively Delphic.