Saturday, June 23, 2007

I went to Cairns but forgot to write about it.

But I'll get around to it.
In the meantime I have started kitchen-handing so as to become a short-order chef down the road.

To: Fyodor
From: Harry

I went to Gould's secondhand bookshop in Newtown and, for $11.90, picked up the Nebula and Hugo awards winning "Ringworld" and it's sequel "The Ringworld Engineers".
I'm ready for the next level of my training.
Hey, since I'm now a split level cook/Scrotum-model do you reckon I should sacrifice Charisma for Fortitude and thereby improve my "resist heat" stat?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Nuts and Islam

I am resuming my previous position, and employment, as a scrotum model.
I'm also doing abdomen.
On the info they emailed me I saw that abdomen requires fasting.

From: harry

I see that abdomen requires fasting.
How long do I fast?
Am I also required to kill infidels?

Allahu Akbarr.