Sunday, May 18, 2008

Harry goes Bananas

Bananas are $1.69 a kilo.
I remember the wailing in the streets after that cyclone a few years back when bananas went up to $500trillion dollars a kilo payable only in family heirlooms and the ashes of your ancestors. I distinctly remember pundits shouting that it was the end of the world, while the less hysterical among us were moaning that it was merely the end of the entire capitalist system.
Done. Dusted. Adam Smith's experiment over.

So, at $1.69, where is the joyful dancing in the streets and the cries of "MANA FROM HEAVEN! God has remembered his children! We are saved etc etc" followed by a pogrom against smug socialists?!

Where are the street closing processions of delighted families converging on speakers shouting extracts from Paul Keating's speeches about us being a banana republic and everyone carelessly getting it exactly wrong like middle-class kids wearing Che teeshirts and designer shemags around their necks?


Liam said...

Don't be so smug. Bananas are still more expensive than petrol.
Have you *tried* to make biofuel out of banana-mass lately? Out of touch with the average Australian, etc. etc.

Mousicles said...

I'm so glad the banana crops recovered by the time I had a toddler that demanded a banana a day!!!

harry said...

Biofuels are a false messiah. But I shouldn't expect anything less from your pseudo-green tower of delusion that you live in.
You have done nothing more than cement yourself in a blinkered pro-banana position.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

a false messiah which is driving up the prices of everything which contains corn. as another Concerned Mother who feeds her toddler bananas I thank the heavens they haven't been turned into bio-fuels... yet.

Fyodor said...

Of course, the as-yet untapped resource for producing biofuels is toddlers. Hey, it worked in The Matrix.

anti ob said...

I dunno Fyodor, I'm not sure the sugar content is high enough to get a decent ferment. Think I'd harvest them in early childhood, just after Easter.

Fyodor said...

"I dunno Fyodor, I'm not sure the sugar content is high enough to get a decent ferment."

Nah, you just use the girls.

Cue: Awww

"How much for the leetle girl?"

Cue: Ewww

pete said...

My own toddler also likes a banana a day; if you like, I can mail you the 'processed' bananas for all your biofuel-making needs.