Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Instant Bachelor

So Ellen went back to Melbourne yesterday and I became nutritionaly instantly a bachelor.

Part of my breakfast this morning was a packet of chips.
Dinner was pistaccios, some dutch almond biscuits and three beers.

Oh, and we've run out of washing-up liquid, so the washing-up is piling up.

Oh, and my fly's undone.

Fuck it: I think it's time to line up the shots and put on some real hair band rock.
(exits waving whiskey bottle and singing "Pour Some Sugar on Me")


anti ob said...

Aren't you legally required to play air guitar to "Old Time Rock n' Roll" in your underwear at this point?

Liam said...

I think you're supposed to deal with the dishes with a 12 bore, like in that Christina Applegate movie. The dishes are done, man.

Fyodor said...


"Right, you fucker, I'm going to do the washing up!"

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

just so long as the dishes are still piled up by the time she gets back.

doorbitch: goodunn