Monday, May 7, 2007

Gone Doofing. Near Cessnock

At the end of seventeen kilometres of dirt road was a bush doof: psytrance music and about eighty people exhibiting all stages from whitebread to grotty barefoot dreadlocked ferals.

A feature of the psytrance community is the specific art - often featuring UV paint. Hiphop culture has spray painting with many cartoon elements whereas psytrance culture has geometric and totemic designs.

And bio-organic images that reflects the bio-organic music.
These two pieces were made by Sparksart . Thanks SparklingSara for the info.
Sparksart Gallery

This doof site had about twenty stands of the tallest grass-trees I've encountered. (Shown here to scale with LordMattresshammer40K. LMH40K is about 1/144 of a chain short of two cubits.)

All too soon it was time to drive home.

We drove through one end of the Hunter Valley: picturesque cattle farms below steep forested hills.

But the journey was long, and the partying had been hard, and soon enough Sparkly Sara fell asleep.

And Justin fell asleep.

And LordMattresshammer fell asleep.

And Harry fell asleep.



Zoe said...

I love that first photo in the car. Poor tired pets.

tigtog said...

Tired pets indeed. The bush doof looks a bit more interesting than the average B&S Ball, for sure.

Anonymous said...

...I always knew LMH40K was a few fractions of a chain short of two cubits.

Honka honka

Sara said...

oh gross... how is my chin p-hat?! I am NOT an elephant seal!
were it not for the funny photo-story i would demand you delete that... good for my ego too ;)
tee hee! what a rollicking good adventure.

PS the beautiful artwork is by Susan (sparksart) from newcastle - gotta give credit where its due!

Sara said...

oh no! How beautiful is my chin p-hat?!
Were it not for the funny photo story i would demand you delete it! also good for my ego ;)
What a rollicking good adventure.
thanks for the belly laughs.

PS the great banner artwork is by Susan (SparksArt) from Newcastle - gotta give credit where it's due!

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