Monday, June 4, 2007

Nuts and Islam

I am resuming my previous position, and employment, as a scrotum model.
I'm also doing abdomen.
On the info they emailed me I saw that abdomen requires fasting.

From: harry

I see that abdomen requires fasting.
How long do I fast?
Am I also required to kill infidels?

Allahu Akbarr.



Mousicles said...

Is there anyone left in the world that hasn't seen your scrotum?

Zoe said...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...


harry said...

Hey, it'll be extra famous in India. When I go there in 2009 I expect random people to come up and re-introduce themselves and then explain to their friends (probably in Hindi) that they squashed my balls for science.

I'm kinda like Bono/Bob Geldoff when you think about it.

Fyodor said...

Yes, Harry - they'll probably make a ballywood movie about your selfless devotion to the cause of science. They shall call it "Mahascrotumjah", or similar, and it'll play reall well in Chennai, though those uptight Bangalorians (they're related to the Mandalorians) won't get it.

But Abdomen, eh? You're clearly moving up in the world. If you use your head you might make it to the top. Well, not quite the top, given

harry said...

They bally well should make that movie, I say!

Maybe Deepa Mehta could direct it. Thought the trouble she had with zanies burning down cinemas to prevent "Water" being screened doesn't bode well for her bold new project "Balls".

Fire, Earth, Water, Balls.

Ooh. Lisa Ray.