Thursday, July 3, 2008


Kylie got an OBE and I think we should celebrate by having an instant Public Holiday mostly because I don't wanna be at work today.

But how I really celebrated was I went out this morning and bought some shoes and then I felt up a man at the bus stop.

Go Kylie!


Fyodor said...

Hang on...WTF up here? There used to be a charming little anecdote about crying and masturbating after this post, and now it's gawn. Wot up, homeslice?

"okanaxuo" - a river in Senegal


It's Canadia, Harry, but not as we know it.

harry said...

"Wot up, homeslice?"
# It was lazy and crap.
And that's just not who I am.
Lazy, yes.

It's Canadia -you can bank on it.