Monday, August 11, 2008

I got teh blues

I went to live jazz last night at the Macquarie Hotel near Central Station.
One of my housemates works in a cafe and one of her regulars is the singer and said to come along. So we did.
I don't much care for jazz so I was very happy when it was actually blues. Slinky sexy blues with the singer in just past elbow length black gloves without fingers. Zow!
I leaned over to Sparkly Sara and declared that I wanted to marry those gloves.
A few minutes later she leaned back and said "I think _everybody_ wants to marry those gloves."
Too true.

And - get this - at the station on the way to the gig I found a pair of shoes. And they were my size. I am wearing them today and telling everyone at work. The jealousy was all too evident.
Someone said I was "special". Well I must be special because I don't see THEM getting free shoes, do I?!?!?!

Anyway, the Macquarie Hotel is a brew pub and has some quite nice beers. Of the six on offer I think the dark is best.
The band is one each Sunday of August from 5pm until 8:30. Double bass, guitar, drums and keys.
A very recommended and cruise-y way to end the week.


Anonymous said...

You found free shoes, eh? Ha! That's nothing compared to the FREE UNDERPANTS I found in the street yesterday.

Admittedly they were slightly soiled, but turning them inside out fixed all that.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

you inverted snob. jazz is everything. EVERYTHING I tell you.

tell me if you're going next sunday... I will tell you incessantly if I think it is good blues or not. you will hate me for my informed, insightful, excellent taste and endless droning and/or praise. but you will respect me.

harry said...

Blues have it all over Jazz, Speedy.

I have some smart advice that if you are caught short and do have to have a crap in the street then wipe your arse with your socks. You can walk home squidge-free!
Smart, eh?