Friday, October 31, 2008

Backstreet Adventurerering

I was wandering randomly around the back streets of Glebe last week and I saw a big mural painted on the side of a house. It was a take-off of the Coke logo (the ‘ribbon’ one) and read ‘Glebe’. Quite clever. Instead of the background being straight red it is a number of shades with other well-known logos parodied including ‘Nice’ for ‘Nike’.

It would make an awesome photo, with only one problem of a small tree in front that obscured part of it.

So, I went home and got my camera and a saw.

I cut down the tree and took a photo but on my way back I was mugged by Glebe street kids who took my camera, so I can’t show you the photo.

I related the above to my hippy housemate. She looked shocked.

I smiled to indicate I was joking.

“You didn’t cut down the tree, did you?!” she eventually asked.

No I didn’t, and I wasn’t mugged either but THANKS for being more concerned about the tree, bitch.

So, I am going to go and cut that fucking tree down just to piss her off.

The environment's gay anyway.


anti ob said...

Save a tree; mug a hippy instead.

Fyodor said...

HEH. Harry is a Backstreet Boy.