Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A discovery

From Wikipedia: "Ken Gelder* identifies six key ways in which subcultures can be understood:
1. through their often negative relations to work (as 'idle', 'parasitic', at play or at leisure, etc.);
2. through their negative or ambivalent relation to class (since subcultures are not 'class-conscious' and don't conform to traditional class definitions);
3. through their association with territory (the 'street', the 'hood, the club, etc.), rather than property;
4. through their movement out of the home and into non-domestic forms of belonging (i.e. social groups other than the family);
5. through their stylistic ties to excess and exaggeration (with some exceptions);
6. through their refusal of the banalities of ordinary life and massification."

It would appear I am my own subculture.

Also: "they [subsultures] can also seem 'immersed' or self-absorbed"

No chance of that happening with the Harry Subculture.

Does anyone want to join?

Unrelated but totally relevant, last thursday after a one-hour drinks-with-the-uni-guys that went for four hours I slept in a ditch in Sydney Uni.
Do you know who else slept in a ditch at least once? Shakespeare.
Do you know who didn't? Hitler.
Ergo, good people sleep in a ditch at least once.

You know, I might sleep in a ditch tomorrow night too.

* Some guy from somewhere


Liam said...

Hitler fought on the Western Front. He definitely ditch-slept.

Fyodor said...

WTF? Does that mean Shakespeare was a fucking Nazi? It explains that Shylock character, for one. AND the concentration camp scene in Twelfth Night...

Whoah, Nelly - the stuff they DON'T teach you in school!

harry said...

You philistines!

There is a difference between recreational ditch sleeping and military ditch sleeping.
It's like sport - the good old days of the amateur sportsman and now modern boring professionalism.

Shakespeare and I are enthusiasts, ergo cultural ditch sleepers.

Liam said...

Fyodor, recall that 1930s adaptation of Richard III with Il Duce of Gloucester? I reckon hazbat might actually be on to something.
"Enthusiasm": now there's a definite marker for subcultures, religious, youthful, musical and otherwise fully sick. What was it that bikie gang members say when they're arrested with Ks of drugs and braces of guns? Oh yeah, it's always "I'm just a motorcycle enthusiast".
It could work for your ditchery.
Mind you, depending on what kind of ditch it is you're sleeping in, you may be creating yourself a sub-terranean-culture. Or you may be a latent morlock.

Mike said...

Hitler had an airbed (A 'LiNi' brand, short for 'liegen niedrig', meaning 'Lie Low'.

He never slept in ditches, they're for libertines and free-thinkers.