Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to Confuse people.

Say you get an email at work like this:
"My name is Suzie Nguyen. I have just recently joined our Science
Faculty. I will be working for Cameron E-R at Debbie Massey 's old desk.
You might want to call me as
Ms *NEW* Debbie:)"

I suggest replying with "Hi, my name is Harry, but you can call me Floppy."

However, for best results I recommend using this when meeting a new superior.

Superior: (extending hand) How nice to meet you. Harry, isn't it?
Harry (in a jolly English accent): (shaking hand) Yes, but call me 'Floppy'!

Try it today.

I'm orf to meet the new Dean. Or 'Bubbles' as I shall call him.


Fyodor said...

Ah, yes: Floppy, son of Ploppy, isn't it?

I think you should henceforth always address Suzie as Ms. Ngudebi, and pretend she is Tanganyikan. Every so often you could shout out "Jambo, Ms Ngudebi!" when greeting her to brighten her day in suitably baffling fashion. She will obviously develop a crush on you and want to do the sexies on you and so forth, but you can cross that particular bridge when you come to it.

anti ob said...

t to work better than greeting your new boss with:

"Hi! Can I call _you_ Floppy?"

harry said...

NO WAY!!!!

Word verification: renis

I kid you not

harry said...

Fyodor, as usual your council is wise, astute and welcome.

i will immedeately fill out Ms Ngudebi's racial harrassment form for her to file against me. (I don't know if she can even speak the Queen's English!)


Yes, anti ob, I am thinking that is the case.

Fyodor said...

Word verification is "mingr".

Says it all, really.