Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Setting the bar so low it's become a floor board

*fart sound*


Hmm. Perhaps there ARE some things the internet simply can't do.


bronwen said...

I beg to differ.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...


Fyodor said...

I saw Rhys Darby's (he plays the band manager of Flight of the Conchords in the show) stand-up show last week, and his support bloke's act seemed to consist largely of fart jokes.

What's worse for a stand-up comedian: no laughter, or politely disingenuous hurry-up-and-get-the-fuck-off laughter?

harry said...

"politely disingenuous hurry-up-and-get-the-fuck-off laughter" I think is worse.

Mind you I saw a guy turn the room icy cold a couple of weeks back at the Friend-in-hand. It was straight out racism - not ironic at all. Pure ignorance.
He was saying muslims had a scam going about halal, where they'd label anything as halal just to be special such as halal kitkats and icecream.
Didn't seem to realise that this was a room in Glebe of people frantically hoping that this overly loud Lebanese guy wasn't going to be a stereotype.

Mind you, I wasn't about to tell the guy about gelatin sourced from Malaysia - he was huge!

Fyodor said...

I've had a similar argument with skips about halal yoghurt. Fuck, the jews will want to label their stuff as "kosher", next, and then we'll be in a right pickle.