Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work Place Follies

Part 1: Chivalry is not dead. And neither is Chauvanism.

I saw a sign on Tuesday that referred to International Women's Day.
No date was included and I had no idea when it was.
Turns out it was the previous Sunday.
I went looking for someone and found Piklu (a woman scientist) and Maurice (a man scientist).

H: Piklu, do you know it was International Women's Day on Sunday?
P: No. I did not.
M: When is International Men's Day?
H: Dude! _Every_ day is International Men's Day!
I high five him, and then tell Piklu she should probably wash the toasted sandwich maker in their office.

Part 2: Proposed sign for the lab area.


1 comment:

Ampersand Duck said...

Ha ha! Jolly japes in your workplace.

Dude, watch your back.