Thursday, April 19, 2007

In search of More culture

Even though Yass was a blast of all things dusty and screaming children, I find myself craving more experience.

So I'm off to some town called Melbourne.

The city is apparently named after Dame Nelly Melbourne, a ballerina who invented that powerfully Australian dessert Pavlova.

Dame Nelly then opened a ladies finishing school in Sydney and, with her sister Dame Edna Everage, a rehabilitation clinic in the San An Andas Hills of California.
Dame Betty Ford, the inventor of the production line and Modelty (nudity involving models), purchased the finishing school with the express purpose of getting those girls that failed addicted to drugs so that they would pose nude.
These girls then found their way to the Nelly Melbourne Clinic and into the loving embrace of the staff there for rehabilitation.
It was all very ironic.
Half the girls were subsequently turned into men called Barry and returned to Australia to live in Paddington.

Melbourne is also where cafes were invented.

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