Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yass, Australia

So, what is in Yass?

Well apart from Teenage Pregnancy,

(NOTE: Picture removed by court order and because I had a really goofy expression on my face. Well, you try looking normal when a burly 6'4" half-crazed father kicks in the door of his daughter's room. Anyway, Hi Belinda. I hope the bleeding stops soon.)

There are cars that catch fire,

And firemen who come and put them out.
And there are also...

Rude babies.
The mother thinks this is hilarious, but she'll have her day in court (obviously after mine).
Yass is also the home of a four year old that LordMattresshammer40K has very accurately dubbed "The Wall of Sound".
So, everyone should go today! "Yass: It's on the way to Melbourne."
The bus only costs $46 and takes a paltry six and a half fucking hours! This includes a one hour stop in our nation's capital.
ARGH! Crap. I just remembered that I forgot to take a goddamned photo of the MYass billboard.


Mousicles said...

I've been waiting for you to post that photo.... All I needed to do was refresh my cache it seems.

harry said...

...and for me to get off MYass.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yeah I need to do the cache thing too.

DestructoMeg took a photo of MYAss on the way to Melbourne a couple of months ago. oh, and one of the sign as well.