Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The last time I took a fifteen hour coach ride to a city of five million people there was a riot.

No riots... unless you count the comedy festival as a "laugh riot"! Why aren't I in advertising?

The Chinese translates as "post no bill, but charge guaylo price."

Melbourne is a very pretty city. Even the coffees are pretty.
There is a nice Whitlams song with a chorus of:
"In love with this girl
and with her town as well.
Walkin' round the rainy city,
what a pity
there's things to do at home."


Pippilicious said...

Really, REALLY nice dusk photos of the city dude! You are in advertising, clearly...

Miss Krin said...

Has everyone been to Melbourne in the last month, except me? I am very jealous, it's a lovely place.

And as Pip said, gorgeous photos of the city and the ubiquitous coffee shot.

harry said...

It was dawn.

I then went and sat on the steps of the war memorial to ctach the early morning rays while reading a book and waiting for the lesbain socialist hive that is called the ABC to open so I could grab a key from the Poap.

harry said...

BTW The coffee belongs to Moment-to-moment Kate's man JW.