Thursday, October 4, 2007

Harry Potter Vaudeville

- I say, I say, I say: my nemesis has no nose!

- How does he smell?

- Magically.

(Please suggest alternate punchlines in comments. Thank you.)


anti ob said...

"Like a snake"

(see, with the Voldemort-snake thing, and the snakes-smell-with-their-tongues-so-they-dont-need-noses thing? Yeah well, maybe jokes that need explaining not so good for Vaudeville...)

Oh! You wanted GOOD alternate punchlines! Why didn't you say?

Fyodor said...

It's better than mine, Obmeister2K.

All I had was "Leprous".

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

"like he came back from the dead"

"with his tongue"



harry said...

The snake one is one for the fans.
I give you 4/10 for relevance, but 0/10 for hilarity.

I give Fyodor 2/10: 2 for biological beleivability and 0 for chuckles.

WPand a Speed boat gets the following breakdown:
5 for "like he...dead" for being vaguely funny and fan-ish.
5 for with his tongue cos it makes you go "Hmmm... because he's a snake!!" And it was clearer than Ob's.
and -10 for each of the hoary ones.
Total: -10.

I give myself no points for the punchline, but 10/10 for the set up because it is comic gold.

Winner: Harry.

Thank you for playing.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...