Monday, October 1, 2007

Homosexual Hilarity

I walked into the kitchen and announced:
"Okay, D: I give you permission to undress me with your eyes."

She still doesn't think I am hilarious despite me given her more than ample proof.

My regulars think I'm great, and with good reason.
This evening some of them stacked up their plates and the top one fell off with a crash.
I went out to remonstrate with them, picked up the plates, swept the floor and went came back with a bucket and a cloth.
Cream had splattered over the floor and chairs.

I informed them: "In tonight's performance the part of Cosette will be played by Harry Simpson."
Then launched into "There is a castle on a cloud" and wiped it all up.

Harry: 1
Adoring Public: 1

Everyone wins.

I explained to D that I was so funny that I made me laugh - and I have the best sense of humour in the world.
She still cast doubt on my hilarity.
I put it down to her being hormonal due to pregnancy.