Wednesday, August 13, 2008

China lied about ...oh, everything still.

Well, the little girl who sang at the opening ceremony was lipsync-ing to another voice.
The fireworks were pre-recorded and not the ones actually let off.
The good news for us is the home ground advantage for the medal count because the games aren't in Beijing at all. They're in Dubbo at the secret government facility I keep reading about in Paranoid Christian Magazine AKA The Philadelphia Trumpet.
And it's not smog - it's a smoke screen to obscure human rights abuses.

But even with the home ground advantage Steph Rice won't win eight gold medals and this PROVES that we aren't investing enough money in sport these days. Or underwear ads.
Cut the pension from $277 to $210 and the dole from $219 to $195. It's for the country.

Also, those shoes I was crowing about?
Well... they were crap.


Mindy said...

More on the shoes. Come on, there's a story there that needs to be told.

Fyodor said...

He must have put his socks back on. Trap for young players, that.

harry said...

"More on the shoes."

# Not much to tell. They have no cushioning and they are just not wide enough as I found out.

Pippilicious said...

Have to learn a girl trick. When the shoes are a tight fit, switch to stockings.

Fyodor said...

Yeah, but stockings aren't absorbent as socks.

harry said...

"Have to learn a girl trick."

# For a moment there I thought you were going to mention pingpong balls. Then I remembered you were my sister. Then I remembered I can put this into the speech at your wedding.