Friday, August 22, 2008

Doing My Bit for the Media

Dear Mr Gittins,

I usually find your columns to be the best in the SMH, and find myself agreeing with your arguments.

However, your column on the 15th of August “How Rich Breeders Shaped the World” was woeful. Clarks’ hypothesis and reasoning are so splutteringly preposterous I can’t but wonder why you (a) reviewed him at all, and (b) why you didn’t give him both barrels as he so thoroughly deserved.

Even allowing for his complete and absolute ignorance of evolutionary biology, his arguments are totally intellectually offensive and if this is his contribution to humanity then my only wish is that he be rolled in barbed wire and fed to lobsters as soon as is feasible.

Below, for your enjoyment, is my just-shy-of-apoleptic critique of Clark’s arse-clownery as depicted in your column that I sent to a friend.

Harry Simpson

(Note: "just-shy-of-apoleptic critique" not included here.)

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