Friday, September 28, 2007


I saw UK comedian Daniel Kitson at the Melbourne Comedy Festical this year.
It was standup with a story telling element to it.
He currently has a storytelling show called C-90 which has comedic elements in it in reverse proportion to his Easter show "That's the fireworks talking".
Seeing both shows was like a perfect yin-yang symbol of entertainment.

I saw C-90 on Wednesday night with Sparkly, but befofehand checked who was on Thursday comedy at the Friend in hand and Sam Bowring was MCing with Kent Valentine as the headliner. These were the guys who started the room and ran it for four years until recently. So, it was a must-see night.
On arrival last night I discovered that there was an extra special guest on after Kent.
It was Daniel Kitson.

No; fucking awesome!
It was very very very good. I was laughing so hard Kitson commented on my enthusiasm.

It was great to see Bowring utterly fail at the "What's your name? What do you do?" standard MC banter with the audience.
After flailing for a bit he said "I'm not any good at this at all!!" to much laughter.
It's avery friendly room and there is a lot of love.
Very good for the soul, but not so much for the liver.


Anonymous said...

"I was standup with a story telling element to it."

Uncannily accurate.

The Editor (fully sic) said...

That was me, BTW.

harry said...

Editing your editing?
How recursive.

Fyodoru said...

Perfectionism's a curse. Or is that recurse?

I see I bagged another entry in the "begins with F, ends with U" category. All I can say to that is this: YO MAMA, Miscellaneous!