Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anzac Day in Toronto

Step 1: Fill fridge with beer

Step 2: Fill Canadians with beer

I cooked snags on the barbie for the lads for breakfast.
Paul the Homeowner is delighted with Anzac Day. It's his first.
He wishes me a happy Anzac Day. I explain that that's not really what it's about. I explain about the beer once more and give him another.
He bragged to his friends who are holidaying in Australia. They ask him how that can be.
"I got me an Australian" he tells them.

The next day one of his local buddies texts him "Happy Aztec Day."

This fish scultpure is neither Aztec nor Anzac


anti ob said...

Step 4: Vomit!

Pippilicious said...

Canadians should understand. I was given to understand that, on the 4th of July when their neighbours are shooting fireworks and random people, the Canadians commemorate their glorious days of being colonial cannon fodder at Galipoli.
Does Paul the Homeowner concurr?