Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mad Driving Skillz Part 1

Dear Mike [father of LordMattressHammer],

I am buying you a new car.


I wrote off your old one.

I am very sorry, but at 4:05pm today I ended up upside down just off the Wakehurst Parkway.

It is (and I think you'll agree with me) ....hilarious.

I texted Matt [LordMattressHammer] who replied by asking what the fluffy dice rolled.
I said a seven.
He claimed that he was now routed and had left the table.

At this point he thought I was joking, but this evening at 10:30pm with four Oporto burgers in hand he sobered up instantly.

I was completely uninjured, and retract my horrible slur against your car when I told my Aunt that it was "waffer theen".



PS Your brakes grab a little to the left. You might want to get that checked out.

PPS Matt jokingly suggested I give him a lift tomorrow to his meeting in Lidcombe.
He mimed typing "Dear Heather [mother of LordMattressHammer], You'll never guess what happened..."


anti ob said...

Uh... doh!
t is (and I think you'll agree with me) ....hilarious.
I was completely uninjured

Ok, now its hilarious. Its amazing how important that punchline is to the joke.

But, if you flipped it 180 degrees horizontal, and 180 degrees vertical (hey, I skipped ahead to part 2 to see how it ends), shouldn't you end up rightside up again?

harry said...

"shouldn't you end up rightside up again?"

Uuuuh, no.
It means you are facing backwards and upside down.
The 180degrees in the horizontal plane was a flat skid.