Monday, April 12, 2010

Tassie Part 13

Tue 16th, Day 14:
C: Would you like eggs?
H: No.
C: You're just afraid of having blue eggs.
H: Fine! I'd love eggs thanks.
C: Too late. Only women are allowed to change their minds.

Drove out to Freycinet National Park. The Aunt was asking again about the 600 steps to get to Wineglass Bay Lookout. Instead of the six hundred steps we went to the Friendly Beaches and the lighthouse on Cape Tourville. Spectacular views, including rocky islands that host a large number of breeding seabirds: ten species (see photo of info board).

Made it back to the vineyards in time for three tastings. 'Freycinet Wines' were all very acidic. Not good. 'Coombend' at the start of the same driveway was much better. They also had the tastiest green olives ever. Bought a bunch of stuff there. And the last was when we turned up at 'Spring Vale' after the guy had locked up, but let us in and we got quite a lot there. Caroline found a rose she particularly liked.
Some excellent lookouts on the way home. The land to the north east of Hobart could be anywhere in Australia - dry and yellow.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, so much good wine

We are drinking crap wine that is almost free, in order to reset the karmic balance.


harry said...

Been drinking some very nice reds from just north of Melbourne - Macedon Ranges area.