Monday, April 12, 2010

Tassie Part 7

Mon 8, Day 6:
Back to Corrina for river cruise on the Pieman River out to Pieman Heads on the Arcadia II. Slight problem with the solar powered call button for the ferry not working, so no one came and got us until a friendly ancient canoeist paddled over to the Arcadia II on our behalf.
Cruise cruise cruise. Get out near the sea and wander over the sand until we find a stranded log suitable for seating.
Last on board again, and back we go. Quite chatty with the captain, a young couple from Adelaide and an older gent who originally came from Newport, NSW! (this is where the Aunt is from too).

I think I cooked lamb that evening. We watched Nigella Lawson. The Aunt put up with my howls at being visually manipulated by that hearty, breathy temptress. Not sexy. Good recipe for chicken and pork rib marinated in apple juice and spices, though.


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awesome pics harry