Monday, April 12, 2010

Tassie Part 6

Sun 7th, Day 5:
The first thing we did was return to Provadore 24. This was the gourmet food and gift shop that had caught Caroline's eye the previous day. We picked up two sour dough loaves and ten giant jaffas. The day before we'd bought local cleanskin PinotNoir and a dry white. It was as if a twister had picked up the shop and owner from a boutique part of Sydney or Melbourne and plonked them down in this endearingly rough fishing village. She wasn't like any of the locals and we never did ask how she'd come to be here. We chatted for a while about food and whatnot. Caroline told her that I was 'not too bright, but can carry heavy loads'.
She confided that she didn't think many of the locals 'got' the shop. Her philosophy was 'If you're going to have a calorie, make sure it's a nice one.'
I think Stanley was where Caroline decided she should spend the rest of the trip trying to embarrass me in front of strangers. I'd retaliate by asking if she'd 'spent too long in the sun', and things of that nature.

A much longer and uncomfortable drive to Zeehan than expected. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And the Aunt's road to her personal hell is dirt. As it turned out it was not the destination but the journey that was important, and THAT was 'Hell' to quote an unhappy Aunt.
I took the 110 kilometre scenic route that runs through the edge of the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area of the west coast. It is dirt the whole way and very bumpy. This was not my time to shine but I decided to liven things up by trying to crash into a 4WD on a corner. It was one of only two oncoming vehicles we encountered. The other was nearly hit by the 4WD and trailer that had overtaken us and spent too long on the other side of the road as it approached a blind corner.

Lunch in Corrina and crossed the river on the car ferry. I tried to mollify the Aunt by saying there were only eleven kms of dirt road left. Hilariously this was in worse condition than the previous hundred.

We got to Zeehan and checked into our miner's cottage. Zeehan is a small mining town but from a later era than I was expecting. The cottages looked 1950-60s vintage. For some reason the kitchen had about 800 cupboards. Caroline proclaimed several times that the kitchen was schitzophrenic. The bathroom was through the second bedroom so I got to relocate the mattress to the livingroom floor.
We had meat for dinner - big rump steak and t-bone with the leftovers making steak salad sandwiches for the river cruise the next day.

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