Monday, April 12, 2010

Tassie Part 16

Friday 19th, Day 17:
Drove north to The Gardens which is the village that marks the start of the Bay of Fires. We wandered round the rocks for quite a while. Bright orange lichen covers many of the granite boulders.
Gradually made our way south - stopping every so often to walk along a beach or visit a lookout. We finally saw a pair of oyster catchers. We were surprised the whole way round Tasmania not to see more seabirds. We saw a lot more on the Great Ocean Road trip and we don't know why there was a dearth of them further south. It was the late breeding season and everything.
Lunch by a lagoon. Had the whole place to ourselves.

South of St Helens is a road out to St Helens Point and the conservation area. There are large sand dunes and I got to run around on them. That was cool.

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