Monday, April 12, 2010

Tassie Part 9

Thurs 11, Day 9:

We had a walk in the clouds on Thursday afternoon much of the way up Mt Wellington. We marvelled at how wonderfully close this beautiful forest is to the city. We agreed we could live happily in Hobart.
Wursthaus haul for lunch in our apartment. (Here I also found puy lentils for the Aunt).
Drunk Admiral that night.


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anti ob said...

We loved hobart - and Tassie in general - but I want to see it in the depths of winter before I start making plans to move. Down that latitude, there's really not much but ocean to slow the winds down all the way round the planet, and the pole is mighty close for comfort.

Summer house in Tassie, winter house in Darwin is the go, I reckon.