Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ottawa, Canada. The choice is obvious.

Do you like Chopin, plumbing and cutlery?

Or are you FOR BATTLE!!?!!

Finally! A country that gives you the option.

All you tofu wearing; tie-dye eating, soap-dodging hippies can turn right here.

I'm going to say "Poo, wally!" to all that and jolly well charge on in and give Jerry the good news. Straight ahead to battle. And straight to glory!

A whole wing of the War Museum is full of artillery pieces from all ages, trucks, apc's and tanks. They have a good comparative display of six Sherman variants. But for some reason a lot (there would be 40vehicles+ and 30 artillery/cannon+ all up) of the pieces didn't have signs. But I was still able to pick what most of them were because I am a nerd. They had a schwim-vagen(sp?) and even one of the remote controlled tracked bombs the germans tried in late 43-44ish. It looks alot like a ww1 english tank butt about 1.5metres long. It was like a remote controlled car with a big red button for "boom" on it.

They had a recovered Valentine tank - one of a batch of 40 that was sent to Russia in 1942. This one broke through ice on a bog and sank. The crew got away but the tank disappeared. It was dug up in 1997 in pretty good nick considering, and given back to the Canadians.

"We drop your tank. It go glug glug."

This whole part of that museum looks a little bit like Topsy's garage, in a way.

Matt: So did Sauron's forge.

In the fully extended version, Sam and Frodo walk into Mount Doom (Doom, I tell you) and immediately trip over four swords, an anvil and parts of seven catapults.

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