Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Toronto Tres

I moved to Rob’s. It's four train stops away from Foy's place on Spadina, making it a good forty minute walk into downtown Toronto. On my first day I cunningly walked in exactly the wrong direction and it took me a while to work it out, but I kept going anyway and did a four hour tour of some fairly boring and some quite unboring parts. I knew I was getting close to Rob’s when I started seeing streetsigns with Greek subscripts, and psychic readers.

Take that, Toronto!
Once he'd finished it, the artist went and poppined a cap in someone's ass.

I stayed at Rob's for four nights and got on quite well with his house mates Lyen and Lisa. And their cats.

To say 'thanks for putting me up' and 'goodbye' I did a dinner party.
It was a success and I was hilarious.
“This may sound a bit arrogant, but I am the most amazing and handsome man in the world!”
Everyone laughed and we all made love for hours.

My flight was cancelled on Friday night, so I turned up back at Rob's 3 hours after leaving asking for shelter again. They were most agreeable.

Upon getting back to Halifax the next night I was greeted by this email:

whats ur contact details?
do u have a mob i can call..??
i need to talk tou...

Apparently she’d been involved in a botched kidnap attempt in London, involving disenfranchised muslim youth; militant socialists; and a cadre of revolutionary short order chefs. It all turned out alright in the end, so we’re going to meet up in Buenos Aires as agreed. We will have plenty of time to work on her grammar.


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tigtog said...

Once he'd finished it, the artist went and poppined a cap in someone's ass.

My family stared at me because I giggled like a loon.

Still, I'm/they're used to that.

harry said...

Dear tigtog,
I love you for appreciating my musical genius.