Sunday, January 14, 2007

Halifax, Canada. Part2

Two days ago Slobro, SloSister-in-law and I went to the edge of Fanghorn forest or whatever it's called from Lord of The Rings. The Plains of the Dead are beautiful at this time of year. Actually we were at a place called Peggy's Cove which is a little village on a peninsular of glacier scraped granite. There are dropped boulders sitting inconcruously on high points of the rock and all the low points are high-acidity sphagnum moss bog with dwarf spruce sticking out. It looks like Newport beach at superlow tide at first glance. Really thick clumps of reighdeer moss (actually a lichen. It's what you can buy in hobby shops to use as bushes for Warhammer), buttloads of other mosss, heath plants, moss and red leafed pitcher plants (above). It is astonishingly beautiful. The rain let up so it was a bit misty and thus 100% eldritch. I did see some orcs but they scarpered before I could draw a bead on them.

We also went to the shore of the Bay of Fundy and watched the World's Fastest Tides (TM) go out. Red sand/mud flats perfectly sculpted with little ripples the whole way to the water and beyond. High tide is marked by ice. The last two days we've had real proper snow.

Slobro called me from the lab yesterday as a fair amount of snow got dumped and said "Happy? It took a lot of organising, but there you are!"

Definately a place to come in the Summer, but still very awesome in the winter.
Today I bought a sleeping bag, so I'm almost fully kitted out for the GreaT aDVENTURE THAT STARTS ON fEBRUARY THE 22ND. Oh fuck. Caps. NoRMal!

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