Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa is a surprisingly pretty city. Although maybe that just reveals the paucity of my research before rocking up.
The first morning Christina showed me the CBD and parliamentary area of the city. My trusty guide pointed out the parliamentary library.
"It burnt down – that's why it looks different to the building attached to it."
We took the parliamentary tour where we were informed that the library was the only part that survived the fire.

I had contrived to loose my beanie (or 'touk' in the local lingo) on one of the two buses between Quebec City and Ottawa. "We can pick up a hat in the mall" which was closed at that hour.
"We'll find a hat for you in The Glebe." The only place was a Build-your-own-hat place. I thought briefly about it.
"Harry! When did you get the horrendous head wound?"
"Nah, I just made my own hat."

Although thinking about it, I could have realized my Year10 dream of a moose-horns combi eh-eh beanie. Good source of moose horns after all.

We shopped for groceries and last on the list was milk. In Canada they have four litre bags of milk. Yes, plastic bags. I poked one in astonishment.
"Don't they have them at home?"
"No! This is awesome." Poke poke poke.
An attractive long-haired young Canadian approached from my other side already laughing. "Yeah, they freak me out too," she said.
I said something about advanced Canadian technology. She laughed and we made love for hours.

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