Friday, January 26, 2007

Toronto. The Marly Diaspora

Hello chaps,


How about we do something for Australia day?

Possibly not involving being arrested.

Oh, ok, I'll get arrested.

regards Harry
Who got spasmo drunk on his second night in Canadia and spent the third day convalescing in bed and spewing into the toilet. Hoooray!

(l to r) Me, Television's Chris Foy, Big Rob and DannyBuddy.

Danny is a Toronto local who came to Sydney and worked with us at the Marly for about eight months. He became close friends with Television's Chris Foy such that four months ago Foy moved to Toronto to try and break into acting there (and thence the US). Rob left Australia in early December or late November. He was in Vancouver for a while but shifted to Toronto about two weeks ago.


The Devil Drink said...

Hey, that's travel, baby. Get toasted in new, exotic locales.
Make my day and tell me you were drinking Australian beer.

harry said...

Nah, tdd, that would be too parochial. We had some weirdarse punch dubbed "croc Hunter" and the cheapest canadian beer we could find. I think it was something-or-other Blue. Lambast?

The Devil Drink said...

Labatt, baby, Labatt.
As the bishop said to the actress.