Sunday, January 21, 2007

Quebec City

Do you like cannons; old stone buildings; cool little restuarants and funky little bars; AND freezing your dick off?!?!?!

Of course you do!
That's why you should go to Quebec City!

It is awesome and I definately need to come to Canada in the warmer months. However I have managed to fullfill a life long dream that I made up two days ago. Well, actually it was just a natural progression of (a) I need to wee, and (b) I'm in a snow clad forest bit of a park.
Slobro and SloSister-in-law have headed back to Halifax to find out if their house is still there and not covered in fallen trees.
I got to use my awesome French in a pharmacy. “Pardon. Ooh ay le lip balm?”

The old town is picturesque. by random wandering we ended up there three times. On top of the hill there is a monstrous Germanic-looking hotel complete with round turrets and plenty of them. It is called Chateau Frontenac. Ottawa has a similar building called Chateau Frontenback whose bells ring on the hour. And Toronto has the Chateau Backcrackensak You can tell when it’s 9am by the screams.

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