Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Argentina. Colon´s silver lining

At the entrance to Colon is a sign that reads "The City with everything."
I didn´t know that éverything´included the toilet with the most powerful flush in the entire world, but it does!
And it´s in our room!

The first time I used it, it unpacked my socks and arranged my toiletries in ascending order of height. However, it´s sheer ability to execute it´s main function is breathtaking. I decided to do some tests.

I ripped up all the toilet paper on the roll and flushed it away in one go. Promising.

Then I went and got more and wadded half a roll into one lump with tearing it and away it went too.

Next, I didn´t even bother unsticking the start of the roll. I just chucked it in whole and pushed the button.

There was a small ornamental pot plant on the window sill. Gone. EVen the decorative pine bark couldn´t stay bobbing on the surface for long.

I found a kitten next door and wrapped it in one of Maho´s bras. ZOW! The little beggar didn´t even have time to blink in terror.

Lastly I went down the street and bought half a chicken and chips with extra salt.
Didin´t even leave a greasy smear.

Now, THAT´S a toilet.


Anonymous said...

That is impressive!

- tero

Mr Tops said...


You need to visit Spain. It's the antithesis of the well flushing toilet.

In fact, in some places they want you to chuck your crappy paper in the bin 'cause the 1 inch pipe can nae take it.

I think the UNSW roundhouse could use these crappers 'cause last time I was there all 5 were blocked with paper!


Or, as the case was, not!


Anonymous said...

sorry to have buggered up the wine surprise... too cleanly for my own good I guess.

jealous of argentina... :)


MrSnerg said...

Awesome! Have you filmed any of these events for posterity or well... youTube? I wonder what happens to flushed chickens.... do they get launched out the side of the system somewhere? Does it confuse the workers in the sewage treatment plant or does it just feed the giant alligator which would escape back up the toilet if you don't keep it down with those powerful flushes?

harry said...

Hi Tero. I like your boarding stories even if I don´t understand what a kicker is and some such

Tops, gotta love the bin of used dunny roll. I always make a personal trip to the master bin afterwards.

Laura, they wouldn´t have found the wine in months! Damn you and your Canadian helpfulness!

Snerg, you strange man, i thought I recognised your style on Rate My Poo.