Friday, February 23, 2007

Things I learned in Canada

...that I actually would like a taste of Xena's honey first thing in the morning.

...and that my son is going to get one of the family names. (sorry about the lighting on this one)
I just want to stand at my front door yelling "GAYLORD!!" I guess I don't actually _need_ a son for that.


anti ob said...

Xena cereal? Brilliant! Does it give a war yodel when you pour the milk? Reckon THAT'd get you up in the morning...

Miss Krin said...

hahahaha! Your poor future son, that's alright we'll take care of him and make sure that he is well-adjusted. Or something.

I used to think that one of my family names, Elphinstone, was special. But Gaylord takes the cake.

Mindy said...

He will be forced to kill you as soon as he's old enough to hold the Flaming Sword of Righteousness, you do realise that don't you?

We should have Xena cereal in Australia. Xena rocks.

harry said...

The cereal is several years old and sits unopened, atop the fridge of The Godless Lesbian Knights. The fridge itself is covered in Xena fridge magnets. It must be a shrine.

Elphinstone is an awesome name. Occupation? Magicuser theif