Friday, February 23, 2007

Goodbye Canada

Last night was my farewell bash. It was awesome. It was a pot-luck byo spectacular at the Slo's place with about 25 biologists and biochemists from Dalhousie Uni (which is where Slobro works). Everyone got stuck in despite it being a Wednesday and some of them meeting with a multimillionaire the next morning to ask for money because they are so professional etc etc

When the party had been whittled down to about eight I figured it was time for "Khe San".
I put it on and explained what was happening during the verses. Then I engaged Martin, one of the Czech guys, as my demonstration partner for the choruses.
We stood up. Martin said "But I don't know de wards."
I told him it didn't matter.
And it didn't.

Dear Slobro and SloSister-in-law,

Thank you very very much for putting me up.

I have bought you a present.
I have hidden it somewhere in your house.
It looks like this:

Inside are these:

Before I have ninja skillz, you will not find it for ages, so I have stashed it sideways to ensure that the "Sampling of the Delights of French Red Wine" will not spoil.

Adios, me hermano y me sister-in-lawo.

PS I have stolen one of your towels.


anti ob said...

After he gets ninja skillz, you will never find it AT ALL. But it will be there, lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce in your moment of weakness...

DestructoMeg said...

Much like a velocoraptor. however you spell that stoopid thing!

Pip said...

Over Canada already? my god...

really like the blog dude.

P.S. the parents were trying to post here - i don't know why they couldn't work it out.

Colleen said...

(waves at you and raises a glass)

Cheers, Harry. Looking forward to reading the ongoing saga of your journeys.

Mindy said...

Oh no Pip, no we'll never get the real stories!

Fyodor said...

Are the real stories better than the makey-uppey ones?

The Devil Drink said...

Ninja wine-hiding skills? Is that the subtle art of stocktakeido?
Oh, and Barnsey left his heart with the sappers in Khe Sanh.

harry said...

The parents will just have to handle the inconvenient truths of my wanderings.

Sadly one of the guests at the farewell stumbled upon the it and then asked SloSIL why there was a present in her dishwasher. Grargh! It was such a good spot and only required ten minutes with a screwdriver to remove the top shelf. The dichwasher is of course broken and there is no reason for them to open it. Damn.

Anonymous said...

HI Harry

11 green bottles....

Thanks for the wine! - Tried one of the Bordeaux - twas quite nice

Lots of love

P.S. Give me my bloody towel back.