Monday, February 19, 2007

Yeeharr! Bluegrass Canada Style

But first: beer!
Ooh, and eggs and bacon with fries because they were $2.99.

Coloured glass light shades in a pub in Halifax, Canada that look the same as those upstairs in the Friend in Hand in Glebe, Australia.
Coincidence or destiny?

These guys are the Bluegrass Diamonds from New Brunswick. My photgraphy skillz have captured them performing in French.
The highlight of the afternoon was the headliner J P Cormier. He was an absolute demon. And his bass player was a wizard on the mandolin.
I like Bluegrass when no-one is singing.


anti ob said...

With occasional exceptions (several in O Brother Where Art Thou, like the three black gravediggers whose voices you can't actually hear but who can shake you out of your seat from 100 paces) I'd have to agree; mostly I like it better when they shut up and play.

The local family outfit we saw play last weekend had as its youngest member the 17-year-old son who plays the banjo. Kid could play, and was seen in the audience later enjoying the opportunity to talk up chicks, but I still figure he must sneak down to Phoenix every Thursday to play lead guitar in a speed metal band called "Die Kill Die!", just to maintain street cred at Flagstaff High. Given how fast some of these guys play I'm convinced there must be some crossover between bluegrass and speed metal.

harry said...

One of the bands introduced a song by saying it was written by two muso friends on the way back from a funeral of a bluegrass musician. It´s called ¨View from a country graveyard" so we were expecting something slow an mournful. Nothing doing. It was just as spritely as the rest and I couldn´t help giggling - particularly the bit where the pastor gives you the shovel and you don´t have a choice "but to fill the grave in." It was really really bathic.