Saturday, February 17, 2007

Halifax Friendly Ice Monsters

Dear Harry,

Are you having fun yet.

Love Caroline
Dear Caroline,

No, it's boring as hell.

It's mostly washing up so far.

Love harry

It's pretty funny walking in the forest here, because the ground freezes. That means when it rains the water sits on the surface and then freezes, so you get ice covering all the ground - especially the paths. That didn't occur to me.
Makes for more adventurerous walking than a calm wander through the woods.

I spent about half of my walk today on the frozen lake. There are large air pockets trapped under the ice. When the ice expands, and moves with the wind(? airpressure changes?) these fantastic sounds that boom and knock ring out. This means that you _hear_ the lake when you get near.
Better yet: as you walk on it, and deform the ice, more sounds are generated. It sounds like the elctro-liquid-organic bass effects from leftfield - particularly 'Original' and 'Afro Melt.' There are some deep booms some with an echo. There are sort of whip sounds but slow and taps and knocks. It was disconcerting at first and then it was like a friendly monster following me. It would be a prime sample site for dub. Then I thought how cool it would be drunk or stoned. And ride mountain bikes on it. Hewgor would be totally up for that.

I found some awesome fractal patterns where warmer water has bored holes in the ice from below, then frozen. They look like creeks seen from the air. Or because they are in a flat plane with long staright cracks in the ice; and are exposed where the snow has blown off, they look like fossiled alien ganglia. See?

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