Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Buenos Aires, Random Art shots

A charmingly crumbling building in San Telmo with a massive mural. Umm, yeah, you can´t really make out what it is. Bummer. It involves people on horseback bring stuff to a market and somesuch.

I love stencil art. Tagging is lame, and I´m not too fond of those wall sized spaypaint signiature graffiti. But stencilling is something I can really appreciate - particularly when it´s political or when subsequent artists add to it. These are the little gems that make randomly walking the streets so rewarding. That, and cheap blowjobs.

A self-portrait of the artist, armed with a MAW, who made a building sized street scene mural of the main strip in BA - Avenida Mayo.

This was the artwork on the wall in our room at Che Lagarto hostel. I like it.

This banded armour (probably +2) was in an antique shop in San Telmo. I have no idea how old it is, or if it some sort of parade armour or not. San Telmo has a massive market each Sunday with tango demonstrations. The rest of the week it is merely the heart of BA´s antiques trade.

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