Monday, August 20, 2007

Alpine Adventurererism

Declared a criminal by the Romans for the sack of Saguntum, Hannibal took his army from Spain over the Alps to Italy. It's the equivalent of raising an army in Geelong to invade Sydney, with the Snowy Mountains being vaguely analogous.I

have no doubt that if Hannibal was leading such an invasion that it would be a success right up to a certain point.
Being unfamiliar with our geography and slang, Hannibal would be half-way through the Snowy Mountains before giving the order "Sack Crackenback!"

And that wouldn't turn out at all like he was expecting.


Reinhard and Bronwyn on Pindimara said...

Hear that sound? That's me holding my head in my hands and whimpering.

Reinhard and Bronwyn on Pindimara said...

And this is the response that I got from Blogger when I left my response to Harry:

Duplicate action error

The action associated with this page has already been performed. You may want to try going back one page in your browser and re-trying.

And so that leaves me with that inexpicable feeling... have I been here before?

Reinhard and Bronwyn on Pindimara said...

Or inexplicable.

Good word, "inexpicable", though. I wonder what I can use it for? It seems redolent of a particularly rubbery and inedible lark's tongue.

anti ob said...

No, that's inaspicable.