Thursday, August 2, 2007

Harry the Great (Gardenerer)

Aha! I went and spoke to the culinary herbs. They have all acknowledged me as their overking.
Well, except for the Taragon.
I said that I'd prune it if I walked over there.
It replied "if!"
I've spoken to many plants in my time and Taragon is the most laconic. Which was surprising, but it is so stubborn.

I have received full support for my plans to eradicate the asthma weed from the furthest reaches of the front yard. My most loyal supporter was that most proud and loyal hero Coriander.
And they have bestowed a new title on me which means "King" in plant-language: Basil.

So that's the story, cut and dried.


Fyodor said...

Yes - I imagine Taragon struts around in a leather posing pouch, SHOUTING VERY LOUDLY in a Scottish accent, then breaking ranks from the phalanx in a most anachronistic style.

harry said...

It does.

It is very disappointing.