Thursday, March 1, 2007

Colon part 2 or 3

It´s damned inconvenient when you return from your dawn wildlife tour and a bunch of workmen have dug up the road directly in front of your hotel.
The manager shook his head ruefully at me. Hey, I feel for you buddy. It must suck to have your business interrupted by douchebags.
His reply was a trifle heated and involved lots of finger poking at me. I don´t speak Spanish so I have no idea what he was talking about.

I returned to the lobby five minutes later, phrase book in hand, to tell him "El banyo es no funcional."

There was swearing from out the front directed at the manager. He then looked at me. I dunno what he expected me to do about it. He then directed an appeal to God. I heard the words "stupido turismo".
I guess his xbox driving game is broken as well as my toilet.

But anyway, the pre-dawn start wildlife excursion was excellent. It was so good that it deserves a post of its own.

This is a post of its own.

Did you just write on my blog? Did you just write on my blog? Come on! Did you just write on my blog?

....I AM your blog.

I don´t care. Did you just write on my blog?

Yes, I wrote on your blog. And I am your blog.

Okay, just so long as we sorted that out.


anti ob said...

When your blog starts talking to you, its time to cut back on those little cactus buds dude.

Also, if you feel the need for a hallucinogenic experience, go for a visit at The Adventurer, which i mistyped a moment ago while trying to come here....

Mindy said...

Saw the Melbourne Hirdles today in Canberra. Confirmed for them that you had actually left the country on your big adventure. They seemed quite surprised that you had actually gone through with it. Forgot to give them the blog address, sorry. But Ashton is really cute.

harry said...


anti Ob