Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pucon ooh, pretty.

I´m staking out the free internet place from a streetside table in a cafe. This coincides with Elevenses, so I have a Roayl Guard beer. Interestingly afternoon tea is called "onces" here. Which, if you know your Spanish, is interesting because "once" (on-say) is eleven. Thus afternoon tea is elevenses.
At the same time yesterday I had some special bread from a bakery called "Galadriel´s" where the smallest piece filled me like a meal. It was Elvenses.

I hope that person finishes their session soon, otherwise I´ll have to order another beer and then I´ll start posting whilst drunk. ooh, the waiter just brought out some stale popcorn to accompany my beer.

Ahah! Someone´s walking out: it´s D, one of the 1st generation Macedonian girls from Melbourne I´m cooking dinner for tonight. Macedonia: the Next Generation. They are travelling companions.
Geddit: Macedonian companions? Hilarious.

Anyway, here are some photos:

Volcan Villarica taken from the backyard of the Donde German hostel. It is 37kms away and a lot taller than the mountains to the left of shot. The hostel really is at the edge of town. Beyond the wall in the very bottom of shot is cow pasture.

The view from my room. Bummer, eh? Mind you, I am paying for it.

This was the morning of the climb. In an act of breathtaking amazingness I accidentally set my alarm an hour early. I only worked this out when I was finishing my breakfast and wonering where everyone else was because it was time to leave. The answer was that they were all in bed since it was 6am not 7am as I thought. So I watched a doco on Pirates. Have I already told you this? I think so.
This radio station has the best playlist I´ve ever heard. Good solid melodic mellower tracks.
I think I´ve worked out tonight´s dinner: Chirozo with lemon; chicken with rice, tomatoe and as many different chilis as I can find garnished with corriander; blackberry and raspberry compote with vanilla icecream.
The rest of the 1997 Cab Franc. I had to test it to make sure it was alright. Followed by a 2005 Carmenere.

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