Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Baños Morales - Pictures part2

In the last post I mentioned how green the slopes were on the way to the second glacier.
We walked up a very dry slope to reach a ridge populated by lizards and short shrubs. After walking for another hour we reached a lush high valley.
I turned to Maho "Rohan!"
She didn´t get the reference, but my Viggo impression was flawless.

She then went on to find a freezing cold bog all by herself. She´s grimacing in this shot because melt water has just flowed into her shoes. Continuing with the whole Rohan feel there actually were horses pasturing here.

See? More vegetation.


Fyodor said...

Vegetation. Yay.

harry said...

I travelled half way round the world in two different directions to look at vegetation, I´ll have you know.

Fyodor said...

Yeah, I know: some get their kicks from champagne, some from vegetation. Both equally valid choices, I'm sure.