Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pucon. Musing on underwear.

I may have left my heart in San Francisco, but this morning I discovered that I´d left my thermal underwear in Halifax.

Here is a mystery: why is it that Canada, of all places, manages to design a pair of thermal undies that are only comfortable when you wear them BACKWARDS!?
Yes, Canada. Land of horrendously cold winters ever year and populated by Europeans for four hundred years. Why, in all of this time and with all that practice haven´t you made thermal undies that are comfy the RIGHT WAY ROUND?!?!

They even fit better when I put them on back to front.
And that´s when I had one of those too-many-drinks moments of revelation or existential dread.
Maybe they fit so well because that is the way you´re meant to wear them.
And that means I´ve been wearing undies the wrong way round for MY ENTIRE LIFE!
And nobody´s told me, because it´s something you just work out.

And that way lies madness.


Fyodor said...

It explains a lot, you must admit.

Pippilicious said...

Are we meant to be inferring something about the ratio of your bum to your, um front-bottom, relative to that of most canadians? I'm not sure that conjecturing either way does you much service...

(THAT way lies madness)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

dude, it's because most of us rarely get to see you in your underwear to be able to point and laugh that you're wearing it the wrong way.

no, we get to see you sans pants instead. and point and laugh etc.

so no complaining! leave that to US!

harry said...

I even deliberately bought ugly grampa style thermals in the belief they would work better!

But p´raps Fyodor is right: maybe the key to my genius IS backwards underpants.
Sort of like Samson´s hair. Only far less girlie.