Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Central Cafe, Londres, Snatiago, Chile. It only just occured to me now that you could interpret this to mean the empanadas are made out of dog. Anyway, in Chile it was like a law or something dictating that empanadas were always 450pesos. Don't ask me, ask God.

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Neo-colonial shopping centre. It was beautiful inside and out. And, what was best, it was called "Galerias..." because it had a gallery in a big room up top. The exhibition was sixteen or so paintings doen from photographs of Venice at Carnivale time.

Santiago. None of the verticals in this building are actually vertical.



Santiago. Window of the tower of the church of St Francisco. The blogger who took the photo of the window of the tower of the church of St Francisco of Central Santiago was just passing by.

Santiago. Faded glory. Neo-colonial foreign-owned ("Dresden") building now boarded up with corrugated iron.

Ancud, Isla de Chiloe, Chile. These holy dog kennels are all over Chile. They are stone roadside memorials for road accident victims. There is a metal commemorative plaque and lots of room inside for flowers and candles etc.

Black September. Everyone has one. Santiago

Ancud, Isla de Chiloe.

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