Friday, March 9, 2007

Random Santiago shots

You are uncivilised and uncouth. You are disrespectful towards your elders and are embarrassing to be seen with in public.

Fine. Go then. See if I care. That´s right, back to your boyfriend. Your pololo or novio.

This is one of four stones in a wall on Cerro Saint Lucia (Mount Saint Lucia) that have obviously been painted by the same revolutionaries.

This one says:

"We have the rfiles in our rooms, (something) to me, we write the story of the future."

Number four in the series and the most enigmatic.

No Christianity. Fair enough, true socialists have no religion yadda yadda.

No Nazis. Well,no one likes them, particualrly not socialists.

No whatevers. Some sort of pagan?

None of that, or the rest of them.

No Jews. Well, no one likes THEM.

No capitalism. Obviously.

No Communism. Fair enough.

No TV. I would agree that they should be against game shows, but not TV per se.


Satiago metro, which incidently is an extremely cool bit of publis transport. There are four and a half independant lines that meet at a number of stations. there is a train every three minutes or so. It´s clean, fast and efficient. Oh, and cheap. They have chargable cards that you top up and use about 300pesos per journey.

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