Monday, March 5, 2007

Chile Baños Morales description therein etc my eyes

After one night in Baño Morales (a night of pain and cursing Maho for her girlish and drippy love of all things horsey), the proprietress needed to go to Santiago, thus we had to find an"otre refugio". This took a while to communicate. bless her socks she went and grabbed Carlo from up the road and persuaded him to accept us at his better establishment at her pricing.
We packed up and went with Carlo to "Los Chicos Malos" The Naughty Boys, and met his wife Jeanette. They discussed our room: matrimonial.
I was about to protest, as I had at the other place when we were paying.
"In Chile, the men always pay."
"She is not girlfriend. We friends." I replied, then pointing at Maho "Individuale!" To much laughter.
Aha, there was a double bed and single bunks. As a bonus it was my turn for the double.
Baños Morales is a Summer weekend retreat village 93kms from Santiago. The surrounding peaks of the Andean foothills are 3ks high or so. half the houses are weekenders, and thus locked up. Most of the rest are refugios or cabanas or other accommodation.
Luckily we got that horse ride in. I knew it was the end of the season, but I didn´t realise the woman had dropped her price from $50K each to $40K for both because we would be their LAST customer for the season.
That´s why the proprietress was going back to Santiago.
And that also explains why everyone had run out of icecream.

I worked out that any room with a double bed was called a matrinomial. Our matrimonial room had a double, two single bunks and a trundle single.
I don´t think there´d be much matrimonial activity in such a room.

Although, maybe that explains the six hour horse rides.

Bye, kids!

Anyway, I better get back to the room before Maho realises I´m wearing her bikini.

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